Leisi H.

Timberlane Physical Therapy is the best place for treatment of unusual problems. The therapists provide highly individualized diagnosis and treatment with excellent problem solving. After two other therapists were unable to correctly identify my problem, Lesli understood my unusual condition and provided effective treatment. After surgery, she identified the reason for residual pain and provided treatment that cured it although staff in the surgeon’s office only said that it might improve over time. In addition, both the professional and office staff are pleasant and kind, making the visits a positive experience.


I was treated for chronic pain and injuries over a period of 7 years by countless health care providers and I am still paying those specialist bills. No one could help me. Finally, I found Jennifer Simpson and her team at TimberlanePT. She gave me relief my first visit. I no longer have persistent pain and better than that, I don’t have the frustration of paying for care that doesn’t work. I can move, exercise as I want to, and have hope to keep getting stronger. She fixed my body and changed my life.


Timberlane PT has been a godsend to me right from the start! I came to TLPT with so many problems and unlike most PT’s Lesli doesn’t just work on one problem she works on the whole picture because she believes that in order to fix the problem you need to look at the body as a whole and boy was she RIGHT! Lesli takes the time to address your problems and get to the core issues You won’t go wrong coming to TLPT, they have certainly made a difference in my life and figured out what was truly wrong with me when others couldn’t including over three years with my previous physical therapist.


I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), a chronic hypermobility condition that causes my joints to slip out of place. EDS is often under-recognized, but the team at Timberlane knew what it was right away and were ready to jump right in to help me.  Over time, they have become my trusted experts in helping me manage my EDS. I have learned so much from them about how to protect and strengthen my joints, and my quality of life has improved significantly.


Simply put Timberlane Physical Therapy has been an integral part of my life for the past several years. Their care in dealing with my chronic disability, acute injuries, and multiple surgical rehabs has been provided in a professional, knowledge, and caring manner supplemented with a great sense of humor. TLTP’s approach to physical therapy, the respect they hold within the medical community, and the skills of the individual therapist are second to none. I am very cautious when asked to refer someone, but have made suggestions to many folks that Timberlane Physical Therapy is an outstanding group, and so far, everyone has agreed.


I am so pleased with my experience at Timberlane Physical Therapy. Appointments are always on time and the staff is very friendly. I worked with Eddie who responded to what hurt with the perfect exercises.


After my session working on my knee I find it so much better with less pain and with better walking mechanics. I would highly recommend people to come here and see the team at Timberlane Physical Therapy.


My experience at Timberlane Physical Therapy over the past few years has been an A+. The staff is superbly talented and have dealt very successful with my foot issues, hip and knee related problems. Not only do they provide wonderful treatment and helpful exercises to improve the aches and pains, but they do so in a fun atmosphere. Nice to have my feet and joints working better and there’s no extra charge for cooking tips from Jenn or great bike advice from Eddie. I have recommended Timberlane Physical Therapy to friends and will continue to do so.


After two back surgeries and many different attempts at physical therapy I was skeptical to try again for the foot pain I was experiencing. I decided to try Timberlane Physical Therapy for the first time. Within a couple visit and a while new approach to physical therapy my foot pain subsided. In one visit focusing on my back I was pain free for the first time in years. Eddie has been wonderful in combining soft tissue work, stretching and strengthening and explaining where the pain stems from so I know how my body works together and how to keep it working well. The exercises fit into a busy daily schedule. I cant thank Eddie and the rest of the staff for giving me back the pain free mobility I used to have.


I had a really painful two month this spring with sciatica pain. The pain level increased over the two months. By the time I got to physical therapy I was in tears, hunched over, walking in pain. The first day. The first day I got here at physical therapy Eddie and his co workers helped me stand up straight with the help of a cane, lift and a waist band support. Actually, the first day I wasn’t feeling too hopeful and Eddie convinced me to come in after I left the first day I was feeling some hope. The second visit we meet at the pool for pool physical therapy. I got immediate relief that night. And didn’t need the cane!! The third visit Eddie adjusted me that made all the pain go away. And with the exercises I was on my way to being back to my normal self. I committed to staying fit with the exercises that Eddie and Zach have given me. I feel 100% better.


Timberlane Physical Therapy has been an invaluable resource during my treatment. After suffering a severe ankle injury that included lots of long term nerve damage I was referred to Timberlane to help in the healing process. Not only has Jennifer Simpson guided me and helped me through the physical healing but her encouragement and support have been invaluable. The staff is so professional and welcoming that they make you feel like family instantly relaxing you before your session. Jennifer and the other therapists have been able to explain my injury better than any of the orthopedic surgeons that I have seen. The severity of my injury has afforded me the opportunity to watch the newer therapists blossom and learn from an experienced team. The practice is always seeking out new treatments and therapies, many of which I have tried. Since everyone is built differently and each body heals in its own way they therapists must come up with unique treatments for each patient. The way they do this is totally impressive. I highly recommend Timberlane PT which over the last 5 years has become like family to me. Even though I have moved from the Burlington Area to the Sunapee NH region, I still journey to Burlington, VT once a month for my tune up with Jennifer!