Julie Mesenger Physical Therapist

Julie Messenger, DPT, SCS


Julie has practiced physical therapy in a variety of clinical settings, and has worked with patients from all different age groups. She has also practiced in different locations, from as far north as Alaska to as far south as Tennessee! Now, after a decade away, she has come full circle and has decided to returning to her roots in New England.

Julie started her professional career at Akron Children’s Hospital’s Orthopedic & Sports Medicine clinic. At the Clinic, she participated in research collection, volunteer programs, post-surgical return-to-play guidelines, and injury prevention programs.

This unique setting ignited her passion for treating the unique sports-related medical needs of adolescent athletes and children faced with various orthopedic conditions. She has a natural rapport with children and knows how to get them on track for a successful rehabilitation.


Over the past decade, Julie has developed her skills by working in various settings where she diagnosed and treated a variety of conditions and injuries. Because of her background as a top-tier collegiate athlete, Julie has a strong interest in treating sports- and activity-related injuries. She has extensive experience in developing customized treatment plans for athletes so that they can safely return to their particular sport in a realistic timeframe. Julie is also skilled in counseling young athletes on training practices that will enhance their long-term performance and prevent future injuries. With growing children, injuries and problems relating to bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and joints require different approaches than similar issues seen in fully developed adults.

Julie also has a strong interest in general orthopedics, pre and post-surgical rehab, and fall prevention strategies. For her patients, she believes in a whole body holistic approach to treatment and, to that end, will incorporate various manual therapy techniques, biomechanics / postural restoration, and overall mind-body health.

 Education and Credentials:

After graduating from Sacred Heart University in Connecticut with a B.S. in Psychology, she continued her graduate level studies at Sacred Heart, earning her Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Julie is an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).


While in college, Julie was a top-tier competitive athlete, playing two different sports, field hockey and basketball, at the Division 1 level.

She continues to remain extremely active, and approaches her current activities with the same drive and intensity. In her free time, she enjoys virtually all active outdoor activities, but her current focus is snowboarding, skiing, biking, and running. But she emphasizes that she is game for pretty much anything else as long as it’s active and it can be done outdoors so that she can enjoy nature. She loves sharing her passion for the outdoors with her great friends, her family, and her two loyal canine companions.

Julie is excited to relocate to the Green Mountain State joining Lesli and the rest of the TLPT team.