Tyler Sheil, DPT


Tyler earned his Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) from the University of Connecticut, where in his last year, he was fortunate enough to earn clinical experience across the country, from Burlington, VT to Aspen, CO to Washington state. Following graduation Tyler road-tripped back across the country to make Vermont his new home. Born and raised in Connecticut, but nothing beats the green mountains of Vermont!

Through high school and college, Tyler was a competitive rower and also went on to coach a large high school team for four years. Combined with clinical experience, he now brings a high level of knowledge in treating patients with joint pains, especially knees, low back, and shoulders with the goal of returning back to what you love! Additionally, Tyler has a strong interest in helping patients who are dealing with chronic pain and are looking to get back to a fulfilling and active lifestyle. This is often achieved through pain neuroscience education, lifestyle modifications, and exercises and treatments tailored to the patient. Tyler is a caring and active listener who always strives to make every person comfortable during their visit and to give each patient the best possible care, no matter their background or story, and he always loves a good story!

Tyler was interested in working with Timberlane Physical Therapy because of the large variety of patients coming through the doors. Additionally, the entire team brings an immense amount of knowledge and experience, with each individual bringing their own unique skill. Timberlane is a great place for both clinicians and patients alike to never stop learning, growing, and getting better!


In his free time, Tyler enjoys getting outdoors. Whether it is getting out on Lake Champlain as much as possible or searching for all the best swimming holes in Vermont with his partner. During the colder months, Tyler enjoys snowboarding or staying warm while enjoying the local restaurants or breweries. He is happy to call Vermont home and to learn about everything that this beautiful state has to offer!