Timber Performance bridges the gap between physical therapy and resuming ones’ regular pre-injury or pre-surgery fitness routine. All too often, without supervision, the transition from PT to one’s regular fitness activities can lead to injuries and set-backs. 


Sports Performance Package

High School and Collegiate Athletes

Our sports program package is a one-on-one package that starts off with a functional movement screening. This allows us to…  LEARN MORE.

Fitness Fundamentals for Everyone

Get fit safely from pros at Timberlane PT

Fundamental program is here for you if you have not worked out in a while or if you have never lifted and wants to start. This will help you get stronger and healthier as well as… LEARN MORE.

Sports Recovery Package For Prevention

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

Don’t just come here when you have an injury let us help prevent an injury down the road. Do you want to recover quicker from your sports? Are you trying… LEARN MORE.

Kettlebell Training Workshop

4 week Training Program

This 4-week kettlebell training program will introduce you to basic movements with the kettlebell. We will start with basic kettlebell swing to get you… LEARN MORE.

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