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Our facility has state-of-the-art technology, providing you with the latest advancement in post-exercise and competition recovery. Elevate your wellness journey with us as we guide you towards faster recuperation, enhanced training outcomes, and optimized performance levels. Pneumatic compression is an enormous asset for recovery, working to improve circulation, rejuvenate muscles, and mitigate swelling. Trusted by elite athletes and individuals worldwide, this technique delivers results that align with your aspirations to get back to the activities and sports you love. Join us in experiencing the future of recovery and performance enhancement.


What is Pneumatic compression therapy:

Compression therapy uses controlled pressure in a sleeve which fills air chambers from the foot to the hip (or the hand to the shoulder) to increase blood flow in your limb and improve blood flow to the heart. Dynamic air compression or pneumatic compression creates a restorative massage that  can help you feel refreshed faster and experience less soreness. For athletes, compression therapy helps muscles relax and removes metabolic waste by producing a lymphatic flush. This promotes healing by eliminating inflammatory chemicals and waste products in tissues, decreasing pain and allowing for faster recovery. Pneumatic compression is also used for more serious swelling conditions and is very effective for healing wounds, improving skin health and decreasing swelling due to lymphedema and It is frequently used for those recovering from surgery or injury. Medical professionals and lymphedema therapists recommend compression therapy as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for conditions such as lymphedema and venous insufficiency, and now it can be available to the athlete and those who want to recover faster.



Benefits of pneumatic compression therapy

  • Improve circulation which helps reduce soreness
  • Reduce muscle fatigue and accelerate recovery time
  • Increase flexibility in hips, legs, and arms and improves physical performance      
  • Reduces swelling and pitting edema caused by injury or surgery faster
  • Improves conditions such as lymphedema and venous insufficiency


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