Shoulder Pain

Shoulders can become sore or injured from sleeping in a wrong position to gardening to straining the area while playing a sport. This pain can often extend into other regions of the back, neck, and arms.

Timberlane Physical Therapy Method:

We are skilled in evaluation and research, which allows us to treat the whole picture, not just the specific pain. Shoulder pain can extend far beyond the shoulder and can cause discomfort while performing many daily tasks.

You will work with a therapist one-on-one during your session and learn exercises and skills to manage your pain. This allows you to maintain your healing process between visits and to continue management after your time at Timberlane PT.

We Can Treat

  •  Rotator Cuff Tear
  •  Labral Tear
  •  Bursitis
  •  Adhesive Capsulitis (frozen shoulder)
  •  Shoulder impingement
  •  Shoulder instability
  •  Dislocation/subluxation
  •  Pain and stiffness
  •  Little League shoulder
  •  AC joint sprain
  •  Separated shoulder
  •  Shoulder/collar bone (clavicle) fracture
  •  Post-surgical
  •  Muscle strain/tear
  •  Winging scapula


Treating shoulder pain is crucial in maintaining your standard of life because it often extends further into the body if left unmanaged. Our team creates a treatment plan based on a thorough evaluation of the patient. Some of our common plans include:

  •  Soft tissue mobilization
  •  Strengthening / stretching
  •   Modalities
  •   Laser (LLLT)
  •   Electric stimulation
  •   Postural education
  •   Taping

Tip for Recovery:

Remember to recover with moderation in mind, too much or too little activity can be a bad thing.


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