Adolescent sports specialized rehabilitation:

 As a former two-sport Division I collegiate athlete, Julie Messenger, DPT,  understands the passion and pressure to perform at your optimal level. Having a traumatic or nagging injury can sideline you or prevent you from participating in your sport at your maximum potential.  Whether you are playing a team sport or training for individual health and fitness, it is important to utilize proper body mechanics and to maintain a balance of strength, flexibility, and mobility. It is also essential to understand the significance of proper nutrition, sleep, and coping strategies to attain equilibrium with sport, school and life.

As a clinical specialist in adolescent sports medicine for over a decade, I have the experience and knowledge to rehabilitate your specific injury while incorporating holistic aspects of care that are unique to your sport, your body, and your ultimate goals. Being an adolescent can be very challenging in many ways, both physically and emotionally. Your body has distinct characteristics when compared to adults, which means your rehab program must be different and specialized. Getting you back on the field, court, track, trail, or in the water is a goal we both share. Attaining those goals swiftly and safely, as well as educating you (and your parents) on ways to prevent future injury is my primary objective.