5 simple balance exercises to help reduce your risk of falls

More than 1 in 4 older adults falls each year which can lead to pain, serious injury, loss of mobility and independence. One out of 10 falls results in serious injuries such as hip fractures and head injuries and are the leading cause of non-fatal injuries to adults over the age of 65. This can lead to lengthy, expensive, and painful recovery times and result in changes in a person’s independence and confidence. What are the risk factors? Falls are usually multi-factorial, meaning they may have more than one cause. This may include any number of personal, behavioral, or environmental risk factors. Personal risk factors include health issues that place a person at a higher risk for falling and may include muscle weakness, balance problems, impaired vision, chronic health conditions, joint pain, heart and lung conditions, loss of sensation in the feet, and incontinence. Behavioral risk factors may include being [...]