Poor leg mechanics can cause myriad back and other problems.

Has your someone ever told you getting different shoes will help with your back pain? Or that stretching your hips or back will help with your foot pain? It may sounds crazy, but problems with one area of the body often is being caused by bad movement elsewhere. A problem myself and other physical therapists see time and time again is poor leg mechanics causing problems at the back, knee, ankle and hips. When we push off to do movements such as:climb hills/stairs; stand/sit from a chair; run, or lift something heavy there is a lot of different joints and muscles involved in this chain of movement. If there is one weak link in the chain, it can cause problems with the whole movement and lead to wear in tear, or sudden injury of the one of the areas involved. We will look at some examples of a squatting [...]

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My head is spinning: Treating vertigo with physical therapy

Vertigo refers to the sensation of motion – a whirling and loss of balance. Vertigo sufferers feel that they or their surroundings are spinning, even if perfectly still. If you experience vertigo regularly, you are not alone. It’s an extremely common condition, especially as we age. This sensation is highly disturbing and upsetting. Also, vertigo increases fall risk and the serious injuries associated with falls. Vertigo varies in intensity from person to person. For some, the sensation is so debilitating that it can spur a trip the nearest emergency room. Others deal with this sensation as a benign, but chronic, annoyance. Those with vertigo often experience dizziness, and sometimes, nausea. Often, vertigo starts immediately following a head movement, and it doesn’t take much. Just turning in bed or tilting back the head can trigger episodic vertigo. Many vertigo sufferers have sought out medical care to address their problems, often without [...]

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Bringing knowledge from Timberlane PT over the globe.

I was especially busy this fall and winter.  As many of you know, over the years, I developed a strong personal interest and expertise in helping treat lymphedema and other complications that arise following mastectomies or lumpectomies, and have been recognized internationally in this critical sub-specialty related to post-breast cancer surgery. In September, 2017, I was invited to be the keynote speaker for the Japanese National Lymphedema Conference in Osaka Japan. During my trip, I had the opportunity to travel to five other Japanese cities and present my clinical experiences and treatment recommendations to a variety of healthcare professionals. The following month, In October , I took another overseas flight – this time to attend the International Society of Lymphedema Conference in Barcelona, Spain to share expertise with  Dr. Tobias Bertsch, Senior Physician for the Földi Clinic Hinterzarten, European Centre for Lymphology, in Germany, a world-renowned reference clinic for patients [...]

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